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Electricity is energy we depend on for our lives and for work.  When electrical systems are installed and maintained properly, they are controlled effectively.

Therefore, the non-electrical worker has the largest exposure to electrical hazards.  OSHA requires that employers provide training to both electrical workers and non-electrical workers who can be exposed to electrical hazards. According to NIOSH, around 500 worker deaths annually make electrocution the fifth leading cause of workplace fatality (7% of all workplace fatalities).


Cable Change

Cabling is an expensive business and must be treated carefully. The expenditure of substitution once the routes are all concealed is bigger. The fault is not always visible like crushing, bending or kinking. Make sure that your cabling installer have made provision to protect installed cabling from other worker’s actions. This is substantially less costly than changing cabling in the future. If cable routes are guarded with no way of opening them between termination and installation, it is ideal to terminate the cables for the time being, so they can be tested before the routes are protected.


Electrical Testing

Failure of electrical or electronic components usually involves electrical malfunction or operation outside of the desired electrical limits. Therefore, failure analysis typically requires performing electrical tests to duplicate or reproduce the incorrect operation of the component.

Electrical tests are performed at the beginning of the analysis to duplicate the customer’s observed failure mode. Electrical tests are used during the analysis to operate the component for failure site localization and failure mechanism identification (for example, electrical tests can be used to stimulate the component for SEM voltage contrast analysis). Electrical tests are also used to evaluate the effects of analysis techniques intended to modify or eliminate the failure mechanism or physical defect (for example, electrical tests can be used to determine whether a metal-metal short has been removed by a laser or focused ion beam cut).


Security Alert

  • Never put fingers or other objects in an outlet
  • Keep metal objects out of toasters
  • Never use anything with a cord or plug around water
  • Never pull a plug out by its cord
  • Stay away from substations and power lines
  • Don’t climb on power poles
  • Never fly kites near power lines
  • Stay away from broken or fallen power lines
  • Never touch or climb trees that are near power lines
  • Never touch big, metal transformer boxes with warning signs
  • Obey warning signs

Energy Survey

home energy audit is a service where the energy efficiency of a house is evaluated by a person using professional equipment (such as blower doors and infrared cameras), with the aim to suggest the best ways to improve energy efficiency in heating and cooling the house.

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With our experience and as a qualified Electrical Engineering Contractor, J & R Electrical can assess your home and recommend energy- and money-saving options, improving your home’s comfy factor. We’re committed to providing sound advice for our clients to reduce the risk of poor investments and save money with both long- and short-term solutions. 
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  • We have done supply and install Modern Fixture
  • We also provide labour for installation

Aircond Supply, Troubleshooting And Install

  • We have supply and install air condition for your house or office
  • we also provide service and troubleshooting works for the faulty air cond


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